Due Dates: February

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This is an updated list of things that are due:

Binder Check 4: 2/22 (B), 2/23 (A)

Raven Packet: 2/22 (B), 2/23 (A)

Gothic Short Story: 2/28 (B), 2/29 (A)

Get Novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston: ASAP, as we are beginning to read the novel February 24 and the novel is needed to do nightly reading (there will be a quiz every class period on the nightly reading).

Compass Odyssey Quarter 2: March 2

Gothic Short Story Assignment

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For your Unit 3 test, instead of taking a multiple choice exam, you will write a short story that is Gothic Fiction and is mimicking an Edgar Allen Poe tale. Below you will find the worksheets/rubric for the assignment which you must attach to the front of your completed paper. Make sure that you use the checklist and follow all requirements! It is due: 2/28(B) 2/29 (A)

Unit 3 Performance Task


Here are some links that may help you get started or further your thinking:

The Holt Online Textbook, pgs 376- 384


User Name: Guest434

Password: v9m3n

These websites contains different gothic elements that can be incorporated into your story and can help you formulate it:






Raven Packet

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For those of you who have lost your packets or need to get a new one, here is a link to a GoogleDoc containing the packet. Just print it out, and you’re set! Make sure you complete it in its entirety, including marking the entire poem with the appropriate colors, filling in all graphic organizers with 3 examples of your won, and answer all questions.


Here is a link to the Simpson’s video if you were absent when we watched it in class:


The packet is due Feb 22 (B), 23 (A)