Quarter 3 Grade Recovery

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For the third quarter, I decided it would be best to change up the recovery work from Compass Odyssey, as it seems many people don’t like to do it, complete it, or learn much from it. So here’s a general overview of what you must do for the Quarter 3 Grade Recovery Novel Project:

1. Get the parent letter from Ms. Arnholt in class or sometime after school.

2. Get the parent letter signed, and bring the bottom half of it back to Ms. Arnholt.

3. Choose a book that is AT LEAST a 900 Lexile level (Google the title and the word “Lexile” and you should be able to find it).

4. Ms. Arnholt will either email you or give you the instructions in a packet.

5. Do the journal response as you read, following the instructions and the rubric. Come show Ms. Arnholt your first journal entry/response during tutoring to know if you want reassurance that you are doing it correctly. (It is worth 20 points of the whole project).

6. When you are finished with the book, you will follow the rest of the instructions and rubrics to complete a writing/visual component that will show off your knowledge of the book and essentially “sell” the book to anyone who views your project. You are aiming to make it not only visually appealing, but also very impressive with your writing.

7. You will turn in your project by May 25, at which time it will be displayed in class and you will will briefly introduce it to your classmates.

Their Eyes Were Watching God Letter Make-Up Work

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On Monday (4/9 B day) and Tuesday  (4/10 A day) we watched 2/3 of Their Eyes Were Watching God, the film adaptation by Oprah Winfrey that starred Halle Berry.  We then watched the end of the movie on Wednesday (4/11 B day) and Thursday (4/12 A day) and did an assignment writing a letter to the film producers.

Because it may be difficult for you to watch this lengthy portion of the film, you will do the following “RAFT” assignment as make up for these class days:


Choose one of the rows in the table below to write a letter. You will become the character you chose under “Role” and write to the person listed under “Audience” about the “Topic”.

For example, if you choose row #3, you will be the character Sam writing to the character Pheoby telling her why she should not follow the things Janie does.

1. Tea Cake Logan Letter Why Janie chose me
2. Yourself Zora Neale Hurston (author) Letter Why Tea Cake should not have died in the story…
3. Sam Pheoby Letter I know you’re best friends with Janie but don’t get any ideas…
4. Janie Nanny Letter Why I thought Joe would be better than Logan…


-Must be in a proper letter format with three paragraphs that expand on your chosen topic

– Must reference a specific example in each of your three body paragraphs from the novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. You will write the chapter the example comes from after you reference it in parenthesis.

Example: “Tea Cake is so much sweeter than other men, like when he taught me to play checkers (Ch. 11) I thought he was very nice.”

-Be double-spaced or skipping lines on notebook paper


                   Your Role Name

Your Street Address

Your City, State, Zip Code

Month, Date, Year

Recipient (Audience) Name

Street Address (Make one up if not real)

City, State, Zip Code

Dear _______________________ ,

In paragraph one you will introduce yourself then tell the recipient the reason you are writing and what you hope to achieve through your letter. Make sure in this entire letter that you sound like the character you chose. If you are writing as yourself, sound formal and educated (especially if you are writing to Zora Neale Hurston).

In paragraph two, the body paragraph, you will write about your letter topic. You will include at least three main points and provide an example from the novel to support each of your main points. You must actually write about the example, not just stick it in the letter. Stay in character and do not forget to cite the chapter the example came from! This paragraph will take up most of the letter.

In paragraph three, your closing paragraph, you will wrap up your main points that were explained in the body paragraph. You will then thank the recipient for their time if necessary, ask any questions necessary, and wish the recipient well.



Here is a downloadable Word Document of the assignment: TEWWGMakeUpLetter