Author Style Practice Make-Up Work

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If you missed the Author Style Practice with either Zora Neale Hurston or Walter Dean Myers, you need to do this activity to make-up that work.

Download this set of worksheets, follow the directions, and turn in by May 30 (the last day to turn in any work).

Style Practice Worksheets

Debate Video Notes Make-Up Work

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This video was watched on the first day we started debate, and these notes should be included as part of the debate team folder.

Watch the video of debate from start to finish.

Write down 10 things you notice about:

-the way players interact with each other

-the order of the teams

-the different hand motions and what they mean

-their tones of voice

-any actions or debate format/rules you notice

Debate Day, What Is Due?

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Debate Teams and Alternate Essay writers will need different things on Debate Day.

Debate Teams, you will need the following in your folder:

-Intro to Debate Video Notes

-A.R.E. Worksheet (at least one)

-Parliamentary Debate Packet

  • All pages intact (Pages 1-12)
  • Vocabulary Page 10 complete

-At least 6 articles, including those given by Ms. Arnholt

-Complete A.R.E. chart made for your argument

-Each of the three speeches written out and titled with what they are

Alternate Essay Writers, you will need the following:

-Brainstorming Web (This will be part of what goes in place of your Debate Pre-Work grade)

-Outline for essay (This will be part of what goes in place of your Debate Pre-Work grade)

-Rough Draft (This will be part of what goes in place of your Debate Pre-Work grade)

-Final Draft (This will go in place of your Final Debate grade)

  • If written, skip lines
  • If typed, please double-space and use 12pt Times New Roman font

Debate Dates:

Period 1-3 and 7: May 29 (Tuesday)

Period 5 and 6: May 30 (Wednesday)

Debate Packet/Semester Exam

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Here is a copy of the debate packet and the new page added to the end about refutation.

Use this packet to study for your Semester Exam, which will take place the last week of school.

You will need to print out your own copy and bring it to the class period before your exam if you want to highlight what will be on the exam when we review.

This exam is all about making arguments, how to make arguments, refute another person’s argument, and the basics of debate.

Debate Packet

Our new unit…research and debate!

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As many of the skills you are required to master deal with non-fiction texts, we will be reading many news articles, decide on two big topics that have grabbed our attention and have a debate!

The  biggest topics we’ve narrowed in on so far have been the CISPA bill, Trayvon Martin’s case, Obama vs. Romney for the upcoming election, and whether child criminals can be rehabilitated.

Here are the articles we read in class:

CISPA,   Trayvon: Justice or Just Us?,   Obama vs. Romney, Bulger killers prove child criminals…

We will continue to sift through more research and news articles before I determine groups and who will be on which side. ( I will pick groups, no exceptions or changes will be made!)

ALSO check out this intro to how debate really works! IntroDebateHandout

Most of the rules, lessons, and guidelines will come from this website

Here are some of the articles we will look at to further our research:

Debate 1: Why Zimmerman Might Be Sentenced Guilty vs. Why Zimmerman Might Be Acquitted,0,1598278.story

Debate 2: Who would be the better President? Obama vs. Romney

Debate 3: CISPA

Debate 4: Can child criminals be rehabilitated?