If you’re here, you are one of my brilliant new English III students at Terry Parker High School, or a parent of one!

I am so excited to work with you this year. I am planning on an amazing year of unprecedented achievement in this English class, but it cannot happen without you! We – teacher, student, parent- each make up a vital part of this classroom, and the effort of one of those parts is so much more with the help of the others. Together, we can ensure that this year’s junior class is nothing short of REMARKABLE.

The Teacher:

My name is Ashley Arnholt (aka “Ms. A”). This is my second year teaching at Terry Parker High School in Portable 6. I am a graduate of Florida State University (Go Noles!), and have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in both International Affairs and Political Science. I extremely passionate about volunteering, civil service, and experiencing culture around the world. I hope to share my experiences in Ecuador, Haiti, Spain, and my beloved university with you, and have you share your life experiences as well. What drives me to teach is the profound knowledge that my students are capable of greatness, and each one of them deserves a superior education.

The Vision:

This year I will strive to show you pathways to excellence and hone your skills through literature, poetry, and speech, as well as help you execute your goals to the best of your ability. You will endeavor to make gains in your academic progress, take ownership of your learning, and pursue the academic success that you deserve to experience.

We will become college-ready readers and writers that can pass the FCAT, score big on college placement tests, and master 11th grade skills. We will work hard, meet our class goals, know that college and success are achievable, and OWN this year!

The Big Goals:

To be REMARKABLE and achieve GREATNESS, we must have bold, challenging goals to propel us forward! With your individual goals, capabilities, and opinions in mind, our tentative goals as a class are:

–ALL classes will average 80% mastery of all skills and standards set for 11th graders.

–100% of students will earn an ACT English and Reading Score (averaged together) of between 20 and 23 or higher

–100% of students will write an essay-college placement or textual analysis- that scores a 4 or above on a six-point rubric (SAT/ACT)

–100% of students will have passed the FCAT by the end of the school year

Please know that our vision and goals can always evolve and improve over the year.

The Plan:

We will use interactive notebooks that require you to think and respond creatively to notes, lectures, and reading. Included in the readings are excerpts from novels; short stories; non-fiction selections (speeches, editorials, letters, essays, articles, interviews, memoirs); poetry, plays and complete novels. We will learn new skills for interpreting and interacting with texts, as well as practice writing with high level vocabulary, proper grammar, spelling, mechanics, and overall maturity. We will take practice SAT and ACT exams, and learn useful testing tips.

Syllabus: 2012ENGIIISyllabusArnholt