Notebook Page 29

Brain Warmer-Answer these questions:
•What is a symbol?
•What do you think is the most important symbol in “The Masque of the Red Death”?
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Notebook Page 30

Right Corner Heading
□Topic: Symbolism
□Date 2/___/13
Top Line of Paper:
Objective: SWBAT locate, analyze and discuss symbols in a text

Right Column Notes:


-a person, place, or object that stands for something beyond itself.


-the use of symbols to represent ideas, emotions, abstract concepts

-allows people to communicate beyond the limits of language and create deeper meaning

Common Ways to Find Symbolism

-Look for:


-lengthy description

-special placement/shift in   text’s focus

-Think of:

-what an item might   represent

-typically used symbols   and symbolism

example: black bird=death


Examples of Finding Symbolism Talked About from Masque of the Red Death:

•Repetition:“the clock” is repeated over and over
•Lengthy description: the masked figure
•Special placement/shift: The major shift in tones from dark to light….Red Death to Castle to Black Room/Clock description to Masked Ball

Notebook Page 29 Symbolism Practice

1. Castellated Abbey- symbolizes security, wealth

2. Red-symbolizes Blood, death, evil, impending doom

The Red Death- symbolizes the power/gruesomeness of death

3. Blue Room (lies furthest East)- beginning, beginning of life

4. Black/red Room (lies furthest west)- where death meets you, where life is over, sun setting on your life

5. The 7 Rooms- the cycle of your life, the stages of life, the 7 is used often as a symbolic number

6. Ebony Clock- reminder of reality, passing of life, reminder that death is coming

7. Braziers of Fire- the life of the people in the castle, the liveliness and carelessness of the masked ball

8. The Masquerade Ball-the separation from reality, the desire to be distracted from reality, mystery, anonymity