3rd Quarter Final Test Dates

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Unit 3 Vocabulary -35 Words

-Study Sentences, Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms, Quiz Study Guide



March 20th



March 19th



March 18th

Unit 3 Mastery Exam-Gothic Fiction




-Sound Devices





March 22nd



March 21st

Part 1

Wednesday March 20th

Part 2


March 21st

Make Up Thursday 21st /Friday 22nd  after school—FINAL MAKE UPS, need an excused absence note/phone call or email from parent to take it.

Jan 28 (A) & Jan 29(B) Mood and Tone

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Notebook Page 27

Brain Warmer: Write in at least 2 complete sentences: What event in Poe’s life could you most relate to? Why?

Notebook Page 28

Right Corner Heading:

Topic: Mood/Tone
Source: Lecture
Date: 1/–/13

Top line of paper:

Objective: SWBAT Identify the literary elements: setting, mood, and tone in a text
• Definition: how the writer’s words make READER feel emotion and the atmosphere
•Contributes to mood: Setting, characters, word choice, details
•Can be positive, negative
•Example Mood words: gloomy, cheerful, amusing, suspenseful
•Example Mood sentence: “The night was dark and stormy with a screaming wind and howling rain.” —Mood: ominous, scary
•Definition: The attitude the AUTHOR/STORYTELLER has toward the story/readers shown through the author’s choice of word
•Can be positive, negative, or neutral
•Example tone words: serious, bitter, joyous, humorous, sarcastic, suspicious
•Example tone sentence: “I’d rather stay here and wait, than go into that dark room.”—Tone: scared, suspicious

Notebook Page 27

Practice Tone and Mood
“Martin Vanger had contrived his private torture chamber with great care. On the left were chains, metal eyelets in the ceiling and floor, a table with leather straps where he could restrain his victims. And then the video equipment. A taping studio. In the back of the room was a steel cage for his guests. To the right of the door was a bench, a bed, and a TV corner with videos on a shelf.”  (from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson)
1. The author’s tone in this passage is: _______________________
2. The closest mood of this passage is:

 “She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her long, flowing locks looked like they were made of gold. Her eyes the color of dark chocolate. He couldn’t wait to see her again….”

Pick the pair of words for the emotions you might feel while reading this quote. Think about why you have the emotions you picked. You may pick more than 1….

happy/pleasing — mean/cruel — annoying/displeasing — mad/angry —  exciting/thrilling —  sad/heartbreaking — scary/frightening —  boring/uninteresting —  calm/neutral

Reading “The Masque of the Red Death” with Audio

Link to story with audio:


(Yellow Textbooks Page 53) Read along with the audio. Look for the mood, tone, and the gothic details about setting.

Read through to the end of Paragraph 3, ending with:

“It was toward the close of the fifth or sixth month of his seclusion, and while the pestilence raged most furiously abroad, that the Prince Prospero entertained his thousand friends at a masked ball of the most unusual magnificence.”

Mood of Paragraph 1: frigthening, gruesome, horrifying

Tone of Paragraph 1: ominous, frightening, morbid

Mood of Paragraph 2: light-hearted, calm

Tone of Paragraph 2: calculated, mysterious

Compare/Contrast Essays

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Since September 28(A)/October 1(A) we have been working on Compare/Contrast Essays.

In class on Sept 28 and 10/1 we took Cornell notes (to be placed in the writing section of our binders) on Compare and Contrast Essays. We were able to record the process for writing a thesis statement and used American Idol vs. X Factor as a practice example thesis.

The next class, everyone was assigned one of these three prompts:

•Prompt #1: Compare/contrast how allusions and the inclusion of personal background information helped each author reveal their perspective on the topic of each story
•Prompt #2: Compare/contrast the family influences and cultural/literary influences on the perspective of each author
•Prompt #3: Compare/contrast the main ideas/essential messages of each story and the methods the authors use to get  these ideas/messages across to the reader

We moved on to working on comparing and contrasting items based on the prompt assigned from the two stories we read “Straw Into Gold” and “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens” in a Venn Diagram Worksheet.

We took notes on outlining and began to outline our essays on the given worksheet.

If you need an example on how to fill out your outline OR you need a new worksheet click this:


Rough Drafts of essays are due by October 12, 1:45pm (end of school day)

On October 15(B) 16(A) we are peer reviewing.

Final drafts are due October 17(B) 18(A and 7thPeriod)

Compare/Contrast Essay Notes:


Compare/Contrast Essay Rubric:


For further help:

Thesis Statement:    http://www.ehow.com/how_5012335_write-statement-compare-contrast-essay.html



About Cornell Notes and Questioning

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Cornell Note Form

We take Cornell Notes often, therefore it is very necessary that you become comfortable with them. I gave a handout about Cornell Notes, if you need another copy, see me. It is SIMILAR to this one:

Be a STAR note-taker, check out this helpful handout: Star_Note_Taking_Handout

Set up paper, Take notes, After class, Review notes

Here are some helpful links for Cornell Note Taking:



Questioning Techniques for the Left Column of Notes

We will be writing in different “levels” of questions into the left column of our Cornell Notes. This will help us use the notes as a study guides for tests and in-the-moment processing of the information.

In this class and many other classes at our school the question levels come from the “Depth of Knowledge” system. I gave a handout to the class to help with this that is supposed to be kept in the front of the binder. You may have heard of other question level systems, such as Bloom’s Taxononmy. Take a look at how they compare:

In your notes you must have at least: 1 Level One Question, 2 Level Two Questions, and 2 Level Three/Four Questions


Recall and Reproduction DOK Level 1

List animals that survive by eating
other animals
Locate or recall facts found in text
Describe physical features of
Determine the perimeter or area of
rectangles given a drawing or labels
Identify elements of music using
music terminology

Skills/Concepts: DOK 2 Examples

Compare desert and tropical environments

Identify and summarize the major events,
problems, solutions, conflicts in literary text
Explain the cause-effect of historical events
Predict a logical outcome based on
information in a reading selection
Explain how good work habits are
important at home, school, and on the job

Classify plane and three dimensional

DOK Level 3: Strategic Thinking

Compare consumer actions and analyze how
these actions impact the environment

Analyze or evaluate the effectiveness of
literary elements (e.g., characterization, setting,
point of view, conflict and resolution, plot

Solve a multiple-step problem and provide
support with a mathematical explanation that
justifies the answer

Extended Thinking: DOK 4 Examples

Gather, analyze, organize, and interpret

information from multiple (print and non
print) sources to draft a reasoned report

Analyzing authorᾼs craft (e.g., style, bias,

literary techniques, point of view)

Create an exercise plan applying the ᾿FITT

(Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type) Principle῀

Here of some question starters for you to use: DOK Question Stems


Debate Day, What Is Due?

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Debate Teams and Alternate Essay writers will need different things on Debate Day.

Debate Teams, you will need the following in your folder:

-Intro to Debate Video Notes

-A.R.E. Worksheet (at least one)

-Parliamentary Debate Packet

  • All pages intact (Pages 1-12)
  • Vocabulary Page 10 complete

-At least 6 articles, including those given by Ms. Arnholt

-Complete A.R.E. chart made for your argument

-Each of the three speeches written out and titled with what they are

Alternate Essay Writers, you will need the following:

-Brainstorming Web (This will be part of what goes in place of your Debate Pre-Work grade)

-Outline for essay (This will be part of what goes in place of your Debate Pre-Work grade)

-Rough Draft (This will be part of what goes in place of your Debate Pre-Work grade)

-Final Draft (This will go in place of your Final Debate grade)

  • If written, skip lines
  • If typed, please double-space and use 12pt Times New Roman font

Debate Dates:

Period 1-3 and 7: May 29 (Tuesday)

Period 5 and 6: May 30 (Wednesday)

Debate Packet/Semester Exam

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Here is a copy of the debate packet and the new page added to the end about refutation.

Use this packet to study for your Semester Exam, which will take place the last week of school.

You will need to print out your own copy and bring it to the class period before your exam if you want to highlight what will be on the exam when we review.

This exam is all about making arguments, how to make arguments, refute another person’s argument, and the basics of debate.

Debate Packet

Gothic Short Story Assignment

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For your Unit 3 test, instead of taking a multiple choice exam, you will write a short story that is Gothic Fiction and is mimicking an Edgar Allen Poe tale. Below you will find the worksheets/rubric for the assignment which you must attach to the front of your completed paper. Make sure that you use the checklist and follow all requirements! It is due: 2/28(B) 2/29 (A)

Unit 3 Performance Task


Here are some links that may help you get started or further your thinking:

The Holt Online Textbook, pgs 376- 384


User Name: Guest434

Password: v9m3n

These websites contains different gothic elements that can be incorporated into your story and can help you formulate it:






Raven Packet

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For those of you who have lost your packets or need to get a new one, here is a link to a GoogleDoc containing the packet. Just print it out, and you’re set! Make sure you complete it in its entirety, including marking the entire poem with the appropriate colors, filling in all graphic organizers with 3 examples of your won, and answer all questions.


Here is a link to the Simpson’s video if you were absent when we watched it in class:


The packet is due Feb 22 (B), 23 (A)

Due Dates

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Here are some updated due dates:

The Pit and The Pendulum Alternate Ending

Assigned: January 26 (B) and 27 (A)

Due: January 30 (B) and 31 (A)

Progress Report 1

Assigned: January 30 (Monday/B) and 31 (Tuesday/A)

Due: February 3 (Friday, regardless of whether you are A or B)

Their Eyes Were Watching God: Get the paperback novel for class

Assigned: January 23 (A) and 24 (B)

Due: February 10 (Friday, regardless of whether you are A or B)

Quarter 2 Compass Odyssey

Became Available: January 26

Due: March 2